Kissing (Way) After Pistachios

Below is another episode of having The (Food Allergy) Talk with a new date. 

Last Friday night, I had a non-food date. We went to hear some great jazz at Dizzy's Coca Cola. The subject of food allergies came up after the first set was over. We were talking about what he does for a living (jazz musician) and what I do for a living. 

I said: "I'm an advocate for the food allergic community and I also have food allergies. To tree nuts and salmon." 

He mentioned that he happened to have eaten pistachios hours earlier that day.  He wondered aloud if that would be an issue. I said, politely, yes, if we kissed, it could be but it was easily remedied. In one sentence, I explained this peanut protein in saliva research study.

Later on in the evening, after getting to know each other better, the subject came up again. Okay, I brought it up. Those pistachios were on my mind. As was a kiss. So, I initiated The (Food Allergy) Talk.

In a few sentences, we discussed what my allergies are, what to do in case of accidental exposure and where I keep my emergency medications. (He was familiar with the autoinjector of epinephrine and how to administer it.) I also reiterated the current research about proteins in saliva i.e. as long as he ate something allergen-free and waited some time after eating something allergen-full it should be fine. 

"That's logical," he said. Then he added, “Okay. Noted. When seeing Sloane, don’t eat sushi beforehand or a handful of nuts. That's easy. Won't be an issue.” 

Swoon. Love it when that happens.


Have any of you had The (Food Allergy) Talk recently?

Alternatively, has anyone revealed something personal, medical and/or delicate about themselves to you? How did you handle it?


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