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I get this question a lot about dining out with food allergies: “Which chain restaurants are great with food allergies?” My experience with chain restaurants is sporadic and happens usually only when traveling. Even then, I usually stick to places I know and trust already like Chipotle (see this post about Chipotle in Canada). However, I was super excited to receive an email from an industrious 15 year old, Emily, who has started a site called EZeatings. From their press release:

"I am excited to announce that I have just launched
EZeatings. Chain restaurants provide varying amounts of ingredient information on the web, ranging from no information to full ingredient lists. To help food allergic diners with the constant challenge of eating safely, EZeatings. has compiled the links to the ingredient information provided by over 50 major chains nationwide. EZeatings. is an efficient, one-stop destination for food allergic people, friends, and family to learn what chain restaurants have safe options for them.

While other helpful websites and apps provide food allergy information about restaurants,
. is unique in providing links directly to the ingredient information pages of restaurants' websites. These links offer the most complete ingredient information available."

Great idea Emily and thanks!


Mrs. Rellim said…
Thank you! This is a very useful site. Living in the rural midwest, chain restaurants are about the only places we have available.
Marty said…
Thanks! And thank the 15 year old for her hard work. I've bookmarked the site and will go to it often.

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