Chipotle, Yonge & Dundas

Chipotle on Yonge & Dundas at lunchtime
As Chipotle uses no nuts (peanuts or tree nuts or derivatives) or fish or shellfish anywhere on their menu, they have quickly become my safe quick meal on the go in NYC or when I travel in the US.  So, I was thrilled to discover two outposts near my hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I looked on the main Chipotle website and it seemed they use the same website for the US and Canadian outposts. I Tweeted to @ChipotleTweets and asked them if all was the same, including ingredients and allergen policies in Canada. Yes, they said, exactly the same.

After I landed mid-morning and checked in to my hotel, I took my first walk in this great city, past The Bay, past the Old Town Hall, past the Eaton Mall, up Yonge to their Times Square at the intersection of Yonge and Dundas to find Chipotle. It was lunchtime and busy but still I asked to speak to the manager about food allergies. I was told that the manager was occupied but the server brought me out the allergen list, the same one they use in the US, it even quotes FAAN.

The same allergen card they use in the states.

He said if you have more questions, the manager will come out. No, this is perfect I said, just what I wanted to see. I got in line and ordered my usual quickie meal: rice and chicken. It was great and safe and yum!

Oh Chipotle, I heart you and am so glad I can find you in North America. It made my trip that much easier having an inexpensive, food allergen-free for me back-up place to eat - thank you, Chipotle!


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