7 Essential Ingredients for French Toast

I don’t make French Toast often but when I do I make sure I have the best essential ingredients I can get. Due to my food allergy and food intolerant needs, everything on the plate is naturally tree-nut free (food allergy), gluten-free (food intolerant) and lactose-free (food intolerant).* Also, six out of the eleven ingredients are organic.

Eggs – I used extra large organic eggs that have eaten vegetarian feed. Yum.

Milk – I use lactose-free organic skim milk when I can, today was two-percent  Lactaid milk (non-organic).

Vanilla – I use Tahitian vanilla from Nielsen-Massey. It doesn’t get better than Nielsen-Massey.

Cinnamon – I also have been know to grate from cinnamon sticks myself, you wouldn’t believe how more fragrant fresh grated cinnamon tastes and smells. This week I used organic cinnamon from Fairway Market.

Maple syrup – I use the darker, richer tasting Grade B maple syrup.

Bread- If I could I’d use day old egg Challah bread (oy, so good). As I’m wheat intolerant, I maintain a wheat-free diet and I use Udi’s Gluten-free white bread.

Ten-inch Frying pan – You need a great pan, the right size and able to take and distribute heat evenly to brown these slices perfectly. I use an Anolon 10-inch Nouvelle Copper skillet, sent to me by the company and I love it. It fits three slices of bread, just the right portion for a Sunday morning lie-in.

Use your favorite French Toast recipe - and happy eating!

*Here's an explanation of the difference between food allergy and food intolerance from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, the National Institutes of Health, and WebMD.*


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