Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking, Review

Food allergy-free taco dinner party
Cybele Pascal's latest book, Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking is an instant classic and must-have for every food allergic family. (It would make an excellent gift, too.) All recipes are free from the top nine most common allergens, and only take 30 minutes to make.

Unlike many other allergen-free cookbooks, Cybele's book Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking not only explores ingredients in detail but gives a list of reliable resources; invaluable to new cooks and even experienced ones. Her writing is easy to read, her instructions clear and her recipes simply brilliant in their re-creations of classics in delicious completely-allergen-free ways.

In my household, the taco recipe, using organic ground dark meat turkey, has already entered into my weekly dinner rotation - in fact, my last dinner party was family style tacos (see the picture above). I substituted organic beef for turkey and it was equally delish. I made an easy cilantro lime rice as a side, served organic shredded Monterey Jack cheese, gluten-free soft corn tortillas as well a gluten-free organic blue corn chips. Everyone loved it!

Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking is a must-have if you are a newly diagnosed person/family with food allergies, or like me, have had food allergies your entire life. The recipes work for a family dinner, dinner solo or for family celebrations. 

Thank you Cybele for this excellent book, Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking!


Anonymous said…
I loved this cookbook, especially because it also avoided sesame and gluten! It's been my favorite allergy cookbook so far. :)
Cybele Pascal said…
Thank you for the lovely review! So happy to see your taco night!

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