Food Allergy Counseling: Dining Out With Food Allergies: Gwen Smith: Allergic Living Magazine

Recently, my colleague at Allergic Living Magazine, Gwen Smith, Editor In Chief, wrote a fantastic, smart and sensitive feature about dining out with food allergies.

Here’s an excerpt from Allergic Living Magazine:
"One of the tougher topics to address is simply this: Can the food-allergic person dine out safely? The short answer is yes, depending on the menu offered. But that short answer also misleads.

The larger truth is that the safety level depends hugely on key factors, such as whether the restaurant has trained its staff about food allergies and a system to prevent cooking and plating errors, and whether the allergic diner properly communicates the allergies and is prepared to use an epinephrine auto-injector, should a mistake be made."

It's a well written, researched and thought out piece that I hope every food allergic person (or food allergy caregiver) will read and think about how to apply this principles to their dining out experiences.

NB: Allergic Living magazine has written about dining out with food allergies many, many times  before, including a feature by me in 2012, called a Allergic Living’s Guide to Smart Dining with Food Allergies. A longer version of my dining out strategies are in my book,  Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies (Wiley, 2011) – also worth a think and a read.


Have a read of the full Allergic Living Magazine feature here:  Dining with Food Allergies: Factors Critical to a Safe Experience and Common Errors


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