Recipe: Pear Pickle, Allergen-Free, Vegan

Pear pickle

A chef friend, Chef Billy Brigtsen
, made this for me, at a dinner party a few years ago. I asked him to write out the recipe which I posted here BUT I never made it myself and now I have. It couldn’t be easier and it’s a delight.


Pickled Pears

1 c plain white %5 acidity vinegar 
1 c water

2 t salt

3 T maple syrup

1 T whole coriander seeds

1 t red pepper flakes

1 coin of ginger, peeled

1 bay leaf 
3 whole cloves

1.75 lbs of Bosc or seckle pears, skinned, cored and sliced thinly 
1 shallot, sliced thinly 

In a non-reactive pot, combine vinegar, water, spices and bring to a boil. Once boiled add the sliced fruit, swirl everything together and bring back to a quick boil. Once boiled, take the pot off the heat. Allow the pickle to cool in a non-reactive container like a glass bowl. Transfer to a sealable safe container and refrigerate. Give them a few hours to allow the flavors to  meld together and enjoy for up to two weeks. 


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