Pickled Pears, Recipe

One of my favorite things the the chef made for my bday party was the quick pear pickle. He had gone to the green market that morning and the pears looked so luscious he borught them with him and last minute came up with this. (If you want to see what they look like, check out the video on YouTube.)


Pickled Seckel Pears
Copyright Billy Brigtsen

In a stainless steel-lined pot (preferable for cooking acidic foods) graciously combine the following and allow to simmer briskly for twenty minutes:

• 1 cup vinegar ( plain, white wine, champagne, or cider )
• 1 c water
• 2 tsp salt
• 3 TB agave nectar
• 1 TB coriander seeds
• 1 tsp chile flakes
• a sliver of ginger
• a bay leaf and a few cloves
• a shallot sliced

When this is finished simmering, add to it one ice cube rack's worth of cubes. This will bring the temperature down and will also provide a mild pickle for the pears, which is the most human interference they will need if they are at their peak.

At this time take a spoon and taste the pickle to adjust the contrast of flavors; the sweet, spicy, & salty should all be present and in line.

Pour this into a more fitting container that you've placed your eight halved and cored pears.

Keep in the fridge and see how long you can hold them.


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