Joan's, GF Great Bakes

I had heard about Joan’s GF Great Bakes but had never tried their products because they had tree nuts in their facility. I finally had a chance to meet Joan herself at this year's Suffolk County Celiac vendor fair and learn a vital fact: no more nuts in the facility!

Here’s what Joan had to say in an email about tree nuts in their facility and their packaging: "'Be aware that all of Joan’s GF Great Bakes packaging says "manufactured in a facility that process tree nuts". When we first opened 21/2 years ago we produced a date nut bread. So many customers requested a nut free facility that 18 months ago we discontinued the date nut bread and have been completely nut free from that time on. Joan’s GF Great Bakes packaging still has the disclaimer. We never used peanut products at any time and we are also soy free. The only soy product is soy lecithin in a pan spray and the chocolate chips'."

Of course, should you have any question please contact Joan’s GF Great Bakes directly to discuss because the packaging is confusing until they switch over.

Onto what I loved of what Joan’s GF Great Bakes sent.

A corn bread flat top muffin: these taste just like a corn muffin should. It held together nicely, with a light and fluffy texture. It was a little sugary sweet for my taste but didn’t stop me from gobbling it down, slathered in butter.

English muffin: lovely toasted, a little springy, but would make me happy to have with eggs in the morning, especially when traveling and gluten-free, nut-free breads are harder to come by.

Everything bagel: the crust, yes it had one, was firm and toothsome; the inside on the springy tapioca side but edible. The everything bagel flavor combination of seeds and powders was right though, garlicky and delicious.

Bialy: oh my, this puffed up to double its size when baked and formed a real baked bialy curst. Salty and onion-y, this was my favorite product. The inside is also tapioca-textured like the bagel but the baked crust was unlike anything else I’ve seen in the GF market.

I see why everyone’s been raving about Joan’s GF Great Bakes for years and now that they are nut-free I can join in the rave.

Thanks Joan’s GF Great Bakes!


Unknown said…
I sampled those gluten-free bialys last year at Joan's GF Great Bakes open house. They were one of my favorites too.

Joan and her staff are wonderful and have a really great understanding of the dietary needs of their client base. They do not allow any gluten products into their facility.

Joan's GF Great Bakes is having another open house this December in conjunction with the NYC and LI Celiac Disease Meetup groups on December 4th. It is a great time to stock up on your gluten-free favorites just in time for the holidays. All are welcome. Here are some more details.

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