Sidecar, NYC

The upstairs, upscale sister to the legendary PJ Clarke’s, Sidecar has a clubby atmosphere without the attitude. You enter a “secret” entrance on the side street, up a darkened stairwell to an open, bricked room -familiar, woodsy and homey – a meat lover’s heaven in midtown.

Jenn, the general manager used to work at Craftbar, so I lucked out when I went here for a recent business lunch – the GM was a food allergy ally. When I walked in, she introduced me to the executive chef, he and I had a quick conversation about what would be safe for me on their menu (basicially he said they could adjust anything I wanted) and I was ushered to a cozy booth.

The table next to us asked about the shellfish dish and I overheard a server say, “I’m allergic to shellfish so I couldn’t tell you but I hear it’s very good.” (See, food allergies are everywhere.)

I had my standard first time I’m at a new place dish: dry green salad and burger, no fries and they brought over some complimentary steamed vegetables as well. The server was solicitous and well versed in food allergies.

I’m looking forward to going back and trying more of their menu.

205 East 55th Street
New York, NY 10022-4001
(212) 317-2044


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