Gluten-Free Bisquick Manufacturing Facility Change as of August 2018

Picture of two Gluten-Free Bisquick boxes side-by-side in October 2018

Sigh. This happens without warning. And as of February 2019, the Bisquick website isn’t updated with the new product boxes, nor the new manufacturing information. 

So buyer, always beware.

Here is my exchange with General Mills via Facebook back in October 2018, when I discovered the switch.

I tried the new Gluten-Free Bisquick this past weekend; it’s not the same texture or taste exactly but it was safe for me, regarding my tree-nut allergies 

(NB: I’m slightly wheat intolerant, which is completely different from an allergy. Being GF, for me, is a choice, one that I’ve made since 2004.)


Allergic Girl
10/1/18, 8:43 AM
Hi all, When did the facility change for gluten-free bisquick products? I bought some boxes the other day and the ingredients and facility are different. See attached picture. Can you tell me more about the facility?

General Mills
10/2/18, 3:23 PM
Hello Sloane, We can confirm that the facility change occurred in August, 2018. The difference in ingredients listed is correct. Thank you

Allergic Girl:
10/2/18, 5:41 PM
Oh dear. Can you tell me: Are there any nuts processed in that facility?

General Mills
10/3/18, 5:48 PM

Hello again Sloane, We understand your concerns. 

Our products are labeled for the top 8 allergens: peanuts tree nuts (including coconut) dairy products eggs soy wheat crustaceans fish In addition, we label sesame, sunflower and mollusks. We label for these allergens using CONTAINS and/or MAY CONTAIN lists located directly below the product’s ingredient list. 

CONTAINS means that the allergen(s) is included in the product’s recipe. The allergen(s) will be listed in the ingredient list, and also in the CONTAINS statement just below the ingredient list. 

MAY CONTAIN means that the allergen(s) is not in the product’s recipe but could be present as result of the manufacturing process regardless of our best efforts to exclude it. These allergens will not be included in the ingredient list. 

Both CONTAINS and MAY CONTAIN mean that if you are sensitive to the specific allergen(s) in the list, no matter which way it is listed, you should avoid this product. 

Based on this information there is no risk of nuts contamination as the box does not have the MAY CONTAIN statement. 

Thank you


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