Let Them Eat Cake

Why trans fats? Why now? The DOH is likening this ban to one they placed on Lead Paint back in 1960. Yes, there is no doubt that trans fat are bad, especially given the huge portions doled out at many American fast food and chain restaurants coupled with the generally poor diet of many families. But honestly I think it’s outrageous to pass this kind of legislation whilst how many children are starving every day?

Since when are we as a society banning free choice?

Since when has the focus become not feeding hungry children and adults but policing the fat used to make a grilled cheese?

I feel a rant boiling up but I'm too upset to even rant about it in a clear and concise manner. Suffice it to say I think the emphasis here is just ALL WRONG.


Anonymous said…
Our friendly neighbourhood aldermen in Chicago tried to ban transfats but gave up after the foie gras debacle. I would contend that transfats are far worse for society than foie gras given how ubiquitous transfats are (and how few people eat foie gras)

Thankfully, it looks like the amazingly idiotic foie gras ban in Chicago is going to be overturned at some point.

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