Watched Rudolph the other night and had that “kid” feeling. You know the one: thinking that when it was over my bedtime was soon approaching and oh darn. It’s just such a distinct memory of anticipating it, then watching it, then knowing that after every commercial break bedtime was getting closer and closer. Frankly I just never wanted to go to bed. I wanted to stay up all night and watch MASH at 11pm or Saturday Night Live with my parents who wouldn’t let me: too grownup. Sigh.

Something about Rudolph, the music, the characters, Burl Ives’s voice brings it all back. Even though I’m way past being a child at this point, I can stay up as long as I like, MASH reruns are hard to find, and I don’t watch SNL often cos it’s just not that funny. [However, this skit is hysterical]

The NYT reports that the original puppets have been found, sold, cleaned-up, are on display, and may go on tour soon. I would have loved to have played with these as a child and I can see why the Rankin-Bass collector bought them and restored them. Clearly I’m one of millions who has strong feelings about the 5-inch high fuzzy puppets. And I don’t even celebrate Christmas!


burekaboy — said…
lol, i think i was watching at the same time you were!! oh, little reindeer with your nose so bright.... and a "wannabe jewish dentist" elf as a side kick. lol :) i love that show, especially that abominable snowman!
Allergic Girl® said…
ooh i never thought of that little guy as jewish, but you may be right! how funny!

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