I’m sure I’m not the only one who read this article and thought I MUST go to this asap! Korean sauna in NJ! How awesome does that sound? This is now at the top of my list to go do. Like immediately. Like next weekend.

What’s at the top of your list? Notice I’m avoiding the dreaded NYE resos question; I don’t believe in setting oneself up for certain failure, which I believe resolutions do, most certainly. But small, measurable, and doable goals that you can start anytime and complete, I’m all over that!

I hope we all reach our desired goals and a happy and healthy to us all.


I hope you have a blessed and joyous New Year!
Bo said…
Oh Yes! Korean saunas are the best. Steamy Steamy. Scrubby Scrubby. I've never been to one in NJ but the ones in Queens are always fun. There is also one on 32nd st. but I've never been.

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