Deli, Not Delhi

Save the Deli : why didn't I think of this? Probably in my grief over the recent loss [over a year to be fair] of 2nd avenue deli I was blinded to the possibility. But not this enterprising fellow. He's also writing a book! Smart, very smart. Who wouldn't love to do a national Deli crawl? How much pastrami can one man or woman eat? Seems we'll find out.

In other news, I had read a few weeks back that 2nd Ave deli was relocating to a Murray Hill location. IMHO that isn't the best spot, cheap to be sure, but not well trafficked for deli. But Murray Hill is not far from me, so this isn't a complaint, merely an observation. Really outside of the corner of 10th street and 2nd avenue, what place is gonna be great? Exactly. None.

I admit I'm day-dreaming of sitting down to a half brisket, 1/2 matzoh ball soup combo, with a heap of health salad and downing a Cel-Ray . [Health salad was placed on the table with the menu; it’s basically coleslaw but instead of mayo it had a vinegary sweet dressing. The sweetness made it irresistible.] Ok ok, even though I griped a bit, I'm looking forward to 2ndAve Deli 2.0.


Lynn Barry said… make me smile with your griping and then talking yourself into being ok. Love it!If more people tried that when unhappy it would make their lives easier.
Allergic Girl® said…
LOL, hysterical! well i see both sides, good points and bad. murray hill isnt 2nd ave but that health salad, oh lynn, the health salad goodness!
burekaboy — said…
what a great name, "health salad". you may even love me more if it's the same recipe i posted under everday coleslaw. it sounds the same or similar and if it is, then you're 100 percent right, health salad goodness!
Allergic Girl® said…
oh my i must try this version ASAP!

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