SOBE Food Festival - Getting Here

So after a full day of traveling, I’m here. In South Beach. In my room. After a quick dip in the pool this evening, I’m now in a fluffy robe, allergic as hell to something, I don’t know what, and I just took a Benedryl so I will fall into a deep sleep soon. Yay!

It’s been quite a day. We took the first JetBlue flight out of JFK. It was smooth sailing all the way to West Palm. I was wary traveling on JetBlue given last week’s ridiculousness with the weather and the major, major miscommunications. Since that time, I’ve watched as the founder has publicly responded to their worst publicity nightmare. As well as sending out emails extending apologies. They quickly created a flyer bill of rights and seem very motivated to win back their loyal user case. Did you ever hear of Delta doing that? I haven’t. I also think Delta wouldn’t have had such a major problem like that anyway but that’s another story….

I flew into West Palm, picked up a car and drove down to Miami Beach, stopping in north Miami for a very special interview with Chef Mike Moran who is the Chef-Instructor at Florida International University and the Culinary Coordinator of The South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

We talked about the future of food and food service, special needs diners, and how to get the most out of your dining experience. Stay tuned, I will post our discussion tomorrow!


Lynn Barry said…
I am glad that you weren't held hostage in your Jet Blue plane. I look forward to THE REPORT. HUGS.
Glad you arrived safely! Feel better and enjoy yourself.

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