We contributed to the weekend’s blockbuster, Spidey. Eh, it was okay. The trailer for the next HP movie was more exciting. But you go, enjoy, tell me what you think.

PS The movie on Saturday night was "sold out" yet there were plenty of seats in the front row. Odd. And uh, not "sold out". One in my group, in the indie film biz, said he heard big studios were buying up seats to boost their numbers. Sounds unlikely to me but big biz does some strange and illogical stuff to “boost numbers”.


Lynn Barry said…
We saw Spidey yesterday and I loved the darkside of Peter Parker...especially the John Travolta-like walking and dancing he did with his black spider underoos on...I laughed out loud.
Aside from the packed theater and some noisy kids messing with my watch I thought it was as good as I and II...hubby thought the special effects were over the top at times and too fast to keep up so that made it less than great for him. HUGS
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks for your op. glad you enjoyed. i think i'm still most excited about harry potter in july...

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