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-Can you say “Baker’s Asthma” or “Mushroom Worker’s Lung”? Food industry related food allergies are a hazard to the people who make many of our favorite things! This is a disturbing food allergy study that Bureka Boy sent to me for all of you.

-Gina from Allergymoms alerted me to this study that was released back in April 2007 about food allergies and restaurants. There is a shocking lack of a basic understanding of allergies. For any of you who eat out and have food allergies, this study won’t be so surprising.

- Allergy Free Passport is sponsoring a study to combat exactly this kind of misunderstanding. You can participate in their multiple studies here. If the previous study weren’t proof enough that more information is needed for the hospitality industry, Kim had this to say about why they are sponsoring this study: “After talking with over 5000 people worldwide there is very minimal empirical data available to help drive businesses to realize that catering to guests with food allergies, celiac and special diets is big business…We felt that after 5 years of our research on eating out that it needed to be surveyed and information captured.” Bravo Kim!

- Gluten-Free By The Bay did her Karina recipe round-up. What a loving tribute to newly Allergic Girl Karina. Check out the wonderful recipes from around the blogsphere.


K Allrich said…
Hola from hot and spicy New Mexico! Thanks for the allergy study links - and for giving a shout-out to Gluten-Free By the Bay for her [fabu and fun!] allergen free recipe round-up.

Stay cool,

Actually, when I worked at Surfas there were a surprising number of ex-pastry chefs who had to quit due to Baker's asthma. Not surprised at all. But how crushing to someone who made it their career!
Allergic Girl® said…
karina/ms. spicy, you are so welcome, glad to hear you are adjusting well!

faq: definitely crushing!
Unknown said…
Thanks for the links.With so many symptoms, it can get a bit tricky trying to diagonize and classify the allergy which affects a person.For food intolerance, it helps that the IgG blood test is a good enough indicator.


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