Harry Potter

This isn’t necessarily Allergic Girl related or even allergy related, but Harry-he’s almost here or already here if you were one of the lucky ones that received the book early as a few hundred people in the US did.

Including the NYT reviewer.

Here’s her book review -there are no specific spoilers, don’t worry. But there was backlash from Ms. Rowling about it, even though it very carefully sidesteps any hard data about who gets it.

Ah well.

I’m still quite excited for tomorrow’s delivery and will be going into radio and TV and blog and news outlet silence whilst I read and discover the ending for myself. What a glorious way to spend the weekend: ravenously reading.

UPDATE: Well, it's done, it's over. I finished the book in a marathon of reading Saturday and I'm elated to know how it ends but sad that's it's over. For those of you about to dig in, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Enjoy your book! I hope you have a magical weekend :)
I'm so jealous....there was some glitch with Amazon and my book won't arrive until Monday. But I did finally go see "order of the phoenix" tonight to tide me over. :P
Allergic Girl® said…
FAQ: a glitch? i thought it was guaranteed by 7pm saturday delivery! how annoying. but at least it's monday and you should have it today, enjoy enjoy, can't wait to hear what you think!

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