Dr. Praeger's - An Update

In a fast turnaround, the PR firm that's handling Dr. Praeger's sent the below email in response to my tummy upset from their delicious products [they really were tasty, pity]:

"Please note the following statement and attached gluten test results from Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods: Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods previously tested samples of other Gluten Free products and the independent lab that performed the testing found no detectable Gluten in those products. Following your concerns, Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods performed an independent lab test on the specific batch of Littles that you received. As you will see from the attached final independent lab results all of the products that you received contain no detectable gluten. Going forward, please let us know if you have any other questions."

Additionally, they sent the independent lab results for potato,

sweet potato,

and spinach. Littles,

Indeed, all tests indicated no detectable gluten was found in the batch of products they sent to me. Rah for them! However, where does that leave Allergic Girl and Dr. Praeger and the bad tummy? I'm not exactly certain.

Perhaps I reacted to something else? Although I can't imagine what, this is NOT an overly processed food product; it only has a few ingredients none of which I've had problems with historically.

So, I have a small tummy mystery on my hands. And truthfully all of these many months that I’ve been blogging and receiving products to try I’ve only had bad tummy reactions to two or three times. On the whole, the products I receive and try are great and Allergic Girl friendly.

However, this incident only underscores the potential pitfalls in tasting new to market allergen-friendly products.


ByTheBay said…
Wow, their thorough response really makes me respect them as a company. I ate the Broccoli Littles last night - So tasty!

As you know, tummy upset isn't always allergy related. There are a million reasons why a tummy (esp a sensitive one) could feel crappy. Which only makes it more frustrating when trying to figure out why you're feeling bad. I am having a bitch of a time figuring out why some foods that are GF make me feel bad - I got a food allergy testing (blood test) panel and it was negative. bah.
Allergic Girl® said…

it is often difficult to isolate what makes a tummy upset. in this case as i had only eaten this product and an orange it was easy to see it was something in the praeger's product. [i ahve NO orange issues]

however, i must reiterate, i did NOT have an allergic response. my immune system was not involved, i did NOT have hives or any other immune system response.

this was purely a food intolerant response.

in any case, i'm SO glad to hear you had no problems as the product is really yummy. will you review them?
Anonymous said…
What a bummer still. I know those mystery tummy troubles well.

Actually, that brings me to another gluten question I have, I may have to email you on that.

I hope you solve this mystery!
Allergic Girl® said…
a private tummy mystery? are you alright? i hope it had nothing to do with those delicieux blondies you made at http://www.onefrugalfoodie.com/. im so coveting them. ;-)

Gaile said…
Sorry to hear about your tummy upset. is it at all possible that a) they were a bad batch and you got a touch of food poisoning or b) had some other flu-ish virus perhaps? I always try things twice just to make sure. maybe trying a different batch? Of course, that's always risky - depends on how much you liked them. Hope you're feeling better!
Vivian Mahoney said…
I am so impressed they did the testing of the food. Their veggie burgers are very tasty.

Hope you discovered what happened.
Allergic Girl® said…
hey hip mama!

glad you enjoyed and had no issues and YES praeger's was very responsive, which was great!

however, it was def. something in the dr. praeger's batch i had as i havent had an issue since.

so tasty stuff yes! but not happy for my tummy. :-(

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