Otto Pizzeria and Food Allergies

I’ve been going back to Otto lots recently (eating at the bar, natch) and what do you know? One of their regular bartenders, as in been-there-for-years regular, Dennis, with the close-cropped white hair and bone-dry sense of humor (yeah, that guy): his child has a severe peanut allergy! Carries an Epi-Pen, etc.; we had a long chat about it.

So, Dennis TOTALLY gets the Allergic Girl sitch and doesn’t this make ordering much easier? Yes!

So, if you're planning on an Otto trip, sit at the bar, ask for Dennis. Or alternatively, ask for tall, dark, and similarly dry (but you can get him to smile if you put in some effort), Sam: he also gets the allergy thing and ordering gluten-free pasta from him is a breeze.

I *love* it when that happens.

O, bartenders! As I've stated elsewhere, sometimes you are truly heaven sent!

Otto Pizzeria
1 Fifth Avenue (at 8th Street)
New York, NY
tel. 212.995.9559


Poker Chick said…
I just found this blog and am so excited! My 3 year old has food allergies and not only is it hard to find places in New York to eat, it's hard not to get that "eyeroll" you mention, even from our own parents. Thanks for this resource!!
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks for fining me poker chick!

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