Bourdain, The Travel Channel

I'm not like a Tony lover, really I'm not.

But, I will say this: he puts on a good show with his snarky asides and his gluttony [or is that gourmand-y]. And after all these years he's actually getting better at his show [remember it all started as A Cook's Tour on the Food Network], not worse--no shark jumping here. And of late, with age, he has turned into quite the silver fox.

I'll be DVR'ing the show tonight: Laos.

PS. So that was odd. Tony looked *very* uncomfortable throughout the whole show. Not just humbled but awkward. And food wasn't the highlight: the "mysterious and romantic mist" of Laos was. Huh? What about the food?


Little Fish said…
I love me some Anthony Bourdain- a bad boy who can cook! Yum!
Allergic Girl® said…
totally--but this ep was off...hmmm, will have to see what the season brings.

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