The Price of Eggs

Have you been to the store lately? $6.99 for organic eggs, what gives??


Jaime said…
I know! The farmers market eggs are, like, $4.50 a dozen. That's up at least a dollar. I don't think that's even organic, just local and cage-free.
Unknown said…
We talk about this almost everyday here! And I have two young kids with the going rate for organic milk about $7.50/gallon here in the Boston suburbs. Don't even ask how many gallons we go through in a week. Ugh!
babysteps said…
price of feed has skyrocketed, not to mention fuel to get the eggs to market...with all the commodity inflation, it flows through eventually. Let me gov't stats, fresh egg prices are up 52% yr/yr in June, ouch (at the producer level, so consumer #s could be even higher). Last Sep, egg prices rose more than *any* other commodity (out of a list of 189).
Allergic Girl® said…
jaime--i know farmers market eggies up as well.

jennifer b--gallons of milk per week?! jeez. i do horizon lactose free and it's always been very costly but i dont use not gallons, more like a quart per every 2 weeks. but mainly cos i cant do too much milk. so i dont feel the cost as much. but jeez.

babysteps, yes those govt stats correlate with my informal self poll, egg $3.69 one week, $6.99 the next. in june. sigh.

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