Allergic Girl at Natural Food Expo East 2008

Speaking of Boston, lovely AGR, Inc. assistant Ami attended this year’s Natural Products Expo East 2008 on Allergic Girl’s behalf. Thanks Ami! Here's her on-the-ground report:

“What a treat, literally, to be at Natural Food Expo East 2008. I was thrilled to see just how many vendors there are with natural, wholesome products. And for those looking to eat allergy-free, the options were plentiful!

The Expo center was filled with great energy, as we all made our way through endless aisles of product - from food to vitamins to beauty to cleaning - natural products for people who want to be healthy in all aspects of life:

Here’s Laura from Cherrybrook Kitchen, the sponsor of our first Worry-Free Dinners event for kids. The CBK booth was just as welcoming as the products are delicious. We love them!

Another of the many booths I was really excited to stop at was Home Free - makers of an organic and allergy-free line of products. A fantasy combo! And so yummy too.

It's a pleasure to reintroduce our readers to products they already know and love and to some new ones that will be sure to be a hit.”

Stay tuned as some samples come my way and some tasting is done and there will be give-aways and samples for you too!


Wow, that would have been a nice place to explore. Thank you for posting this. I had never heard of Home Free. I am going to try their products out.
WiZ said…
this is cool. i wonder if they have something like this in my country
Kate said…
Hi, I just stumbled across your site. I wanted to mention that I love Home Free, my husband (at the time fiance) used there GF mixes to make my birthday cake and it's icing a few years ago. And we have been using them since. I am however trying to branch out into mixing flours and adapting recipes on my own.

I look forward to reading about your allergy free world :)
Cheryl Pitt said…
Hi Allergic girl! I posted om ym foo/allergy blog about safe candies for Halloween.

I know Spangler makes their candy on dedicated equipment. Are there any other candy manufacturers you know of that are top 8 free? Thanks!
Marcea said…
Hi there

I have a 2 year old daughter that is allergic to diary and egg. I tried the cherrybrook kitchen choc cake and it was terrible. She wouldnt eat it. I have two boys as well and they wouldnt eat it either! I do have vanilla cupcake mix and sugar cookies to try. Hope they turn out better?! It sure is a challenge trying to find balance and have everyone happy. :)

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