Getting on the Ticket

No, not that ticket, I'm not running for office...yet.

This is about getting your dietary needs on that all important meal ticket. The below is from Otto Enotecca Pizzeria a few weeks back.

I LOVE seeing "Nut Allergy" posted there--it's why I go back often and feel confident that the kitchen will serve an AG-friendly meal.

Where have you been of late where you felt safe?


My family went to dinner the other night, and I was so pleased to hear the waiter know, and discuss what items were processed in a facility with nuts and which items contain nuts.

Some places are really starting to get it.
Desi said…
That's awesome that they have that printed on there.

I feel safe at home. In control of my own stuff.
Tara said…
That really is wonderful! We asked about dealing with food allergies when we last went to Del Posto too-- seems Batali's restaurants are on top of this issue! We were also asked at Morimoto if there were any food allergies when we ordered the chef's tasting menu-- without any prompting. Since our allerhic girl wasn't with us, it wasn't an issue-- but resasuring nonetheless!
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks everyone for your comments.

elaine--what magical place was this?
Katie Lou said…

Where have we been that we have felt safe?? No where other than at home, or at my parents house. Eating out in this area is a "no go" for us.

We had been eating out a certian place every now and then, but I was not comfortable with the service, FA wise, last time.
Oops sorry about that.

It is called the Old Spaghetti Factory. Not fancy, just a fun place for our two and three year old. I forgot to mention, they also offer a gluten free menu..
The wait staff seemed really trained on allergy issues.
Little Fish said…
I have had great experiences at Otto and Del Posto as well. If anyone lives in or is visiting Providence, RI (which you all should because it's a fantastic city) I highly recommend Siena. Not only was the food incredible, but they were so great about my allergies. I had ordered a pasta and the chef asked the waitress to bring me the bottle of truffle oil that they would be using. The chef asked her to explain that the truffle oil was one of the few things they didn't make in house and he wanted me to look at it and make sure I felt safe and comfortable. The oil was indeed safe and my pasta was so unbelievably good I was practically licking my plate.
Poker Chick said…
We're definitely bringing the kid here based on this. So few places in NYC where we can feel so safe. Keep these recommendations coming, it's invaluable!
Jenny said…
What a great idea--and proof that someone is looking out for your dietary needs. More places need to do this! The fact that you give favorable attention to these practices will undoubtedly encourage others to follow suit.

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