Interview with EpiCard Founders

I had a chance to interview Intelliject twins founders Eric Edwards and Evan Edwards via email about their allergies and their new epinephrine delivery system currently being considered by the FDA for approval: EpiCard.

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WiZ said…
I did a little research and this Anaphylaxis thing is nothing pretty. congrats on the Edwards twins on their invention.
Shauna said…
This is exciting. Thank you for sharing this. My 6 year old keeps an epipen with him at all times and this looks like a great alternative.
Green Gal said…
I love that I have found this blog. My 2 yr old has major food allergies (milk Peanut and egg). My biggest worry is that he will be out without 1 of us and have a reaction and no 1 will think about his epi-pen or even his benadryl for that fact. The links here are so informative on this subject. The next thing is to tackle the way our school here handles it (has to be at the nurses office) I want that changed by the time he becomes a kindergartner. Maybe by reading your blog i will be able to do just that

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