What I Did Last Friday

So at Fairway on Friday and saw a new food product. Ricera, rice yogurt. I tweeted it as well. You know how I am about trying a new thing a week. So I bought one, had no allergens posted, just made out of rice, and organic at that. Had a taste, didn’t like it, threw it out.

Then within the hour my throat started to itch. Not lips, not tongue but definitely throat and inside ears. Huh. Allergic or getting a cold? Sometimes it’s really hard to tell the difference. The NYT did a brief article on that recently.

“Then there are hallmark symptoms of each. Allergies virtually always cause itchiness, in the eyes, the nose, the throat, while a cold generally does not. Telltale signs of a cold are a fever, aches and colored mucus.”

I think this is was an allergic reaction. I didn’t end up getting any cold symptoms and my throat is still not 100% but recovering slowly. How odd! There's nothing in the stated ingredients of this product that I’m allergic to. The only thing I could find was that the inulin is made from Jerusalem artichokes but I would think it would be SO processed that that shouldn’t mattered and as far as I know I’m not allergic to sunflowers which is what the JA really is unless I have a new allergy.

Ah, the mysteries of life.

I’m fine just a little perplexed. And you can bet no more Ricera for this allergic girl.


Susan Weissman said…
Just a taste suggestion - I tried Ricera along with my son who is allergic to milk and soy. Thought it tasted awful and so did he. Someone turned me on to Turle Mountain "So Deliciious" Coconut Milk Yogurt. It really is "so delicious."
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks! TM sent me some samples and i've been waiting until i'm not longer reactive to try their stuff.

but EVERYONE loves them so i'm looking forward to trying...
It sucks to have to suffer through a reaction to something you didn't even enjoy. I haven't found a GFCF yogurt I like yet.
I thought the itchy throat sound "reaction like" to me. I'm glad it didn't progress. Did you call them? Is it processed on equip that processes "something"? I hate stuff like this. The joys of allergies ;)
Allergic Girl® said…
hey mrs zum,

you so called it, i was in a wee bit of denial. it just seemed so odd from a rather innocuous product. rice yogurt?

an allergist friend's take: "My guess is that you reacted to the inulin ... because it comes from sunflower, there may be residual cross reactive pollen proteins that were not processed out that caused localized oro-pharyngeal itching (much in the same way that apples cause itching in birch pollen allergic individuals, aka the Oral Allergy Syndrome)."

i didn't call them, it wasn't their fault. i looked online it looks virtually harmless and it's not something i'm gonna eat every day or ever again.

just sigh. i'm still a little reactive as in my throat tickle hasnt quite gone away yet.
Ah, Oral Allergy Syndrome. Makes perfect sense. Hope it clears up soon!!
Allergic Girl® said…
that's TOTALLY what it is, my mouth is still itchy and inside ears etc. gonna write abt it soon. ugh...
but yup he got it right. just from reading my blog. funny right?!

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