Clean Plates NYC

When I saw a small posting in New York Magazine’s Grub Street (and here's an interview with the authors) about a compact guide to 75 restaurants in NYC that offer healthy options, in multiple price points, for vegans to meat eaters, all in Manhattan, I thought: I need to have a look at that book.

Author Jared Koch kindly sent me a reviewer copy of Clean Plates NYC. A compact guide to dining healthier, making more informed dietary choices, Jared is committed to health through food. (He has a background in integrative nutrition and eastern medicine and this guide reflects those leanings.)

It will be no surprise to any of you Allergic Girl readers, many of the restaurants that I’ve either recommended as allergen friendly or talked about visiting safely are on his list as well. There are a few that I haven’t visited (I always love new resto suggestions) and will be checking out very soon.

An important caveat: There are a few crucial errors and some general confusion about how food allergies or food intolerances can adversely affect the body. I spoke to Jared about these errors about which he agreed were indeed incorrect and assured me he will correct upon the next printing and on his online community board.

**As with all dietary questions or possible changes, consult your personal physician or allergist to get the best most accurate information for you.**

Once the corrections are made, this will be a useful guide for those visiting city who want to eat healthfully or a reminder for those of us already here about how to find healthy restaurants.

Thanks Jared and Clean Plates NYC.


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