Wolfgang Puck, Atlantic City

Longport, NJ

I was in Atlantic City for the first time this past weekend. It was a Golden Girls tour: I went with my mother, her best friend since they were 16 and her BFF’s mother (87, drove herself from Philly and played until midnight every night-what a woman!).

What and where to eat was my question. Naturally, my travel bag was filled with snacks and treats: granola, rice crackers, dried fruits and some safe chocolate but I’d need dinner.

My biggest triumph of the weekend was finding Wolfgang Puck American Grille. (Here's a nice piece from ABCNEWS.com about Wolfy). Here are my steps.

I called the hotel concierge to ask them if they knew of any allergy friendly restos in the Borgata or Atlantic City area. He called Wolfgang Puck American Grille for me and confirmed that they accommodate allergies happily, according to them.

When we arrived, I introduced myself to manager Monti, explained my needs, smiled lots and gave him my chef card from Select Wisely. He was grateful for the card as was I for having and using it. He smiled lots, I smiled lots; he said the chef was happy to prepare me a safe meal, I said thank you.

Server Juvy was informed of my needs and I reiterated my needs to her directly as well; let’s not play telephone, I say. (Notice I know everyone’s name? I introduced myself as well). I ordered my regular order (If you read this site, you know: roasted organic chicken, veggies sautéed in oil and steamed rice.) Juvy returned to the table to tell me discreetly that the “steamed” rice I ordered actually had lemongrass in it and was I ok with that. So NOT! Thank goodness she thought to ask. Thank you, Juvy!

Dinner arrived, and it was so good: a juicy chicken, spring veggies cooked to perfect tenderness and they subbed brown rice which I didn’t have (got spooked). Monti checked in, Juvy checked in—all was safe and yum.

Saturday night, without a reservation, we went back for the same meal, it was that good. The wait was over three hours for a table in the back room. I found Monti who with a hug, kiss and big smile seated us right away. (Allergies are the new VIP).

Monti told server server Bart my needs; I reiterated them, gently. I ordered the chicken and just veggies; no need for rice. When Bart served us he said the chef wanted to know why extra veg no rice “this time”. Chef remembered me? Wow. Dinner was a delight and I felt safe and was safe.

Did you read the steps? Use them, they work!

Thank you Wolfgang Puck American Grille for taking such great care of my needs! I’ll be back.

Wolfgang Puck American Grille
1 Borgata Way
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(609) 317-1000


Gab said…
nice! my brother in law is a manager at a new WP restaurant in Dallas. let me know if you head to Texas and i'll give him a heads up!
Jenny said…
"Allergies are the new VIP." Love it! People with FA really didn't plan to get the special treatment that way, but if that's how it works out--great.

Your restaurant posts are always so informative and encouraging--that's why I refer so many people to your blog. I always learn something new that I can use. One point you make is that being polite and friendly, yet firm about your allergies goes a long way in getting your food needs met. I completely agree!
Allergic Girl® said…
hey gab: will do!

hey jenny: thank you!
Anonymous said…
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