Chef David Hall, Thyme for a Chef

According to Chef David Hall in Arizona, owner of Thyme for a Chef changed his menu to gluten-free. “After meeting his wife, Debbie, his culinary expertise expanded to include specialized menus for gluten-free, dairy-free, yeast-free and other wellness diets. His knowledge and ability to create menus for special dietary needs has earned him national recognition. In July, the certified gluten-free chef will teach classes on meeting special needs of the celiac and autism communities at the 14th Annual United States Personal Chef Association national conference in Denver. The catalyst for his focus was Debbie, diagnosed at age 37 with celiac, a disease that disrupots [sic] the small intestine's absorbtion [sic] of nutrients.”

I bet we're going to read more and more stories like these as more peeps get diagnosed with celiac disease.


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