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I met Lucini Italia at Food Fete (a media event) and woo hoo, lucky me (and now, you). Lucini Italia has come out with a new line of chickpea flours and a line of pasta and pizza sauces, all beyond delish.

The Lucini Italia chickpea flour is milled to make into little pizzettes. The directions on the pouch right now are overly complicated (I’ve been told there are being corrected) and I doctored the recipes to suit my needs: added freshly grated parmesan, lots of salt and pepper and cut down on the water to mix. Once I did that, I made happy farinatas that I topped with fresh mozzarella and the pasta or pizza sauces, which I used interchangeably without issue. So delish!

Speaking of the Lucini Italia sauces, they are like the best three day sauce you’ve had: just enough salt and a little bit of sweet (from carrots). But best part, the pasta sauces come in pouches, excellent for traveling. They were so good that I tasted them cold, straight from the pouch and would have continued to eat them that way if I didn’t have to do a proper test.

On to food allergy information a few important points:

--There is a “natural flavors” line in the sauces and I was told by Lucini Italia they are flavors of an ingredient already listed. I know, a bit of a head-scratcher and something you need to feel comfortable about before diving in.

--There are no voluntary “may contain statements” on the packaging as of now.

--There is scant allergen information on the home site as of today. I’ve been told this is in the process of being corrected and updated for a Fall 2011 roll out.

This is what Lucini Italia told me in an email about their products and allergens as of now and I've reprinted below with permission:

Lucini Italia products [chickpea flour, pasta sauce and pizza sauce and olive oils ] are FREE of dairy, peanut, treenut, soy, sulfites (***except for our balsamic vinegar), shellfish, fish, eggs, and gluten.

Cinque e' Cinque [chickpea flour], our vinegar and all of our oils are produced in small factories that are allergen free and process nothing of the above.

Our pouch sauces are free of the allergens as well, however, the factory also produces products with dairy, soy, sulfites, fish, eggs and gluten. Note this is a completely separate production line and our sauces test gluten-free.

Like our pouch sauce, our pizza sauce is free of the allergens as well, however, the factory also produces products with dairy, sulfites, eggs and gluten. Again, our pizza sauce tests gluten-free.


It's vital to get direct reassurance from a company for your personal food allergy or food intolerance needs if there isn't enough information on the label or their site.

So, if you have further questions, please reach out to Lucini Italia directly - they want to hear from you.

Lucini Italia Co.
Four Seasons Tower
1441 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1410
Miami Florida 33131
T 305.858.7200 Ext.222
Toll Free 1.866.5Lucini


Unknown said…
I need to make this ASAP. I still have my samples from Food Fete. Any recipes you want to share? I don't have a cast iron pan and don't think my oven goes up to 500!

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