Started by food allergy mom Debbie Finkel, a Brookline, Massachusetts attorney, Safekeepers is a new BPA FREE container system: "Plastic food storage containers printed with the universally recognized “Stop” and “Go” signs on each container with matching covers, letting you know what’s safe to eat and what isn’t." [Disclosure: I met Debbie at a FAAN event after she sent me samples of product.]

As you can see above, the Safekeepers plastic containers come in the usual handy sizes, pints, quarts and jumbo, and in big bold letters they say “stop” in red or “go” in green with coordinated colored tops. It’s a very simple concept and one that we’ve all probably handmade at some point or another (my Sharpie is always at the ready to date foods for the freezer, for example). Here now is a cost effective alternative to handwriting in pen on a container or putting a piece of tape that gets rubbed off or slips off in the dishwasher.

In addition, I think there’s a tremendous value in having Tupperware that is YOU safe, especially if you live in a household where your allergens are present like when you are sharing a fridge in a college dorm or have a young child staying over a grandparent’s house. I can see Safekeepers being especially helpful to help little ones who are learning their letters and colors as well as their safe foods and their unsafe foods.

And that is the assumption here: that there are stop and go foods in your household and in the world. How to handle this is a personal decision for your family, your child or yourself and one that you should explore with your board certified medical provider.

Thank you Safekeepers for a great product.


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