Kettle Brand Potato Chips

I met Kettle Brand Potato Chips at a recent Food Fete event and they sent me some samples to try. A caveat: I’m not a huge snack food nosher. That’s not because of food allergies at all but because I’m a healthy eater; when I crave a snack I tend to think apple, not deep fried. But having said that, put some safe chips or pretzels or chocolate in front of me and I’ll nosh and have an opinion.

Kettle sent me several flavors of their baked potato chip line try. Salt and pepper was my and my fellow testers favorites. Peppery with an extra kick, I kept going back for more (but stopped myself as I had others to try).

Good news: As these chips are baked not fried they are 65 percent less fat than regular chips, have 2 grams of fiber, 3 grams of fat, and only 120 calories per serving – even better - they’re almost healthy.

Better news: Kettle Brand Potato Chips’ facilities are tree-nut and peanut free. (They are not top eight free, by any stretch - so check with them directly about what's safe for you.)

From the Kettle Brand Potato Chips FAQ:

Are your products safe to eat for people with peanut allergies?
All Kettle Brand® Potato Chips, our new Kettle Brand®TIAS!™, Kettle Brand® Tortilla Chips and Kettle Brand® Baked Potato Chips are processed in an environment free of peanuts and other nuts. We consider them to be safe for people with peanut allergies to enjoy.

Kettle Brand® Roaster Fresh® Nut Butters and Kettle Brand® Quality Handcrafted Nuts are made in a separate facility from our various chip brands. All nut products share roasting and grinding lines with peanuts, and we include the following statement on the packaging: "Processed on equipment shared with peanuts and other nuts."

As “other nuts” was unclear to me I spoke with Kettle Brand Potato Chips directly and they said: The facility does not have nuts of any kind and is safe for tree nut allergies.

Questions, concerns, reach out to Kettle Brand Potato Chips, they’d love to hear from you.


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