Plentils, Enjoy Life Foods

I’m mental for Plentils. I received samples from Enjoy Life Foods of each flavor a few weeks back and thought: oh, I’ll just try one chip of each flavor, to get a sense, ya know – no biggie. Ahem, I had one bag. Of each flavor. By myself. Which means, I liked them. A lot.

I’m not a snacker by nature; I’m not a chocolate person or salty treat person but I gobbled these up. My favorite right now is the pizza flavor but the dill and sour cream is a close second.  Truly, I loved them all and they are all the more delectable because they are made from one of my trusted brands Enjoy Life Foods who makes top 8 free goodies.

Yes, top 8 allergen-free. So even though they have dairy-tasting flavors they have no diary in them. Here is their nutritional information and Enjoy Life Foods's allergen policies.

When I asked point blank how these tasted like dairy yet contain no diary, here’s Enjoy Life's official statement: “We utilize the assistance of flavor manufacturers, who, through the use of natural flavors create a proprietary mix that reproduces the taste and olfactory properties of dairy without using actual dairy ingredients.”

If you have a dairy allergic loved one, contact Enjoy Life Foods directly about your needs. Take into deep consideration that eating a dairy-tasting product, may not be for you either emotionally and physically.

If you have a peanut and/or legume allergic loved one, check with your board certified allergist about the best course of action for you with a product made from lentils.

If you want to try some for FREE, please sign up to my newsletter. For Food Allergy Awareness Month (May 2012), Enjoy Life Foods will be giving away the whole line (4 flavors) to three lucky winners. But you have to be signed up to enter! Good luck and thank you Enjoy Life Foods for another delicious, safe treat!


Sloane, could you please post the ingredients off one of the bags? Do they have rice? Please say no! :)


Food Allergy Queen
Allergic Girl said…
The nutritionals for each is through this link: - rice in some formulations. so not for you dearest.

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