Tarrytown, NY, FAAN Conference 2012

What a wonderful day in Tarrytown this Saturday for the FAAN conference speaking, meeting and interacting with all of you!

First, in the morning session, I conducted the Adults with Food Allergies Workshop. Many adults had children heading into college or just graduating, so we turned our attention to my strategies to assist young adults as well as help parents cope with this life transition. 

Just getting starting in the adult workshop.
Next, I spoke in the big room to all attendees about food allergy confidence and my motto: Just because you have a restricted diet, doesn't mean you have a restricted life.
Get that woman a step stool.

And lastly, I spent about an hour with the teens, talking about food allergy confidence, dining out, and comparing asthma notes (and inhalers). 

In between sessions, I had a chance to meet all of you, your wonderful children, your supportive spouses, your outspoken teenagers and sign books and take pictures. 

About to head into keynote speech & signing books!
I won't be in Anaheim, CA this year (I have a destination wedding that weekend - which I will be writing about I'm going to handle the food situation there), but I will be rolling out some news ways to connect with the information presented in these conferences if you weren't able to attend.

So stay tuned to this space. Also, I have extra books from the conference. If you'd like a signed copy, you can purchase one from me here for a limited time only!


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