Wine, Food Allergies

I wrote about allergens in the wine making process eons ago (here and here) but now there’s a new trend about transparency in labeling. See this story from The Washington Post:

"Wine’s dirty little secret is that it isn’t just fermented grape juice. It might include added sugar, tartaric acid, various yeasts and yeast nutrients, color enhancers, gum arabic, gelatin, egg whites, fish bladders (isinglass) and any of a long list of other additives allowed by the federal government but not required to be listed on the wine label. That color and mouth feel you love, even the flavor, might come not from grapes, but from a jar."

Questions? I know you’ve got them. Go back to your board certified allergist about what is right for you and your needs concern wine and allergens. Need an allergist? Go to AAAAI, or ACAAI to find a local allergist near you.


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