9 Food Allergy Blogger Tips

Part of the Mylan Specialty (makers of Epi-Pen) Blogger Summit for food allergy bloggers, many of whom are food allergy moms, was a presentation about using social media from expert, Ritesh Patel (on Twitter, @ritters90). Ritesh is also, himself, the father to a food allergic teen.

Smiley, knowledgeable, food allergy dad, Ritesh Patel

This is my seventh year of blogging about living well with food allergies (and sixth year of food allergy coaching) but there is always more to learn, refine or re-envision about blogging and social media. So I listened with a beginner’s mind to Ritesh’s presentation. Below, in brief, are his nine top food allergy blogging and social media tips with relevant links.


1. Make all content “shareable, embeddable and mashable.”

2. Ensure your content is relevant and readable in other social media environments, like on tablets and smartphones.

3. Look at vine.co if you have an iPhone – it creates short bursts of video. Here are video options for other platforms, like Android.

4. Look at rebelmouse.com – it creates a magazine of your Twitterfeed.

5. 2013 is the year of the video, like Youtube.com. Add more video to your blogging and your social media feed (see number 3).

6. Joining and using Google+ is vital to your brand.

7. For better SEOs, use natural language in blog posts, titles, subtitles and tags; cultivate inbound links; and use fewer acronyms in your blog posts. Here's a link with more information about increasing your SEOs.

8. Use the same image for your brand everywhere.

9. Google's Author Rank is becoming more vital. Here's another article about author rank via Brooklyn Allergy Mom.


Thanks Ritesh, for all of the excellent information!


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