Blogger Summit 2013, Mylan Specialty

Blogger Summit 2013, NYC. Photograph courtesy of Noel Malcolm

*UPDATED: February 11, 2013 with more blog links and pictures!*

I was thrilled and honored to work with Mylan Specialty (makers of Epi-Pen) to create a Blogger Summit at the end of January 2013. Bloggers from all over the country came to New York and we gathered for a dinner the night before and then had a day long of talks from me about food allergy confidence and Dr Ruchi Gupta spoke about anaphlyaxis.

Dr. Ruchi Gupta and me, Allergic Girl, speaking, January 2013

Ritesh Patel spoke about social media trends for 2013.
Ritesh Patel

Here are some shots of the event:

Here's a run down from several of the bloggers (in alpha order) of their thoughts and take-aways from this incredible event:

The Allergic Kid

Brooklyn Allergy Mom

Cybele Pascal

Easy Breezy Life - How to Talk to Others About Food
Easy Breezy Life - Can My Child With Allergic Live Normal
Easy Breezy Life - Free Epi-Pens For Your Schools

Food Allergy Assistant - Food Allergy Reactions on Valentine's Day

Frugal Food Allergies - Valentine's Day
Frugal Food Allergies- What's Cooking?

Get Allergy Wise - Kissing Induced Anaphylaxis
Get Allergy Wise - Party Times Tips

Grateful Foodie - Food Allergy Guru Sloane Miller Shines
Grateful Foodie - Food Allergies: Valentine’s Day and Halloween -What’s in Common?
Grateful Foodie -  Ideals Whirling: Food Allergy Social Media Summit

Marketing Mama
Marketing Mama - Valentine's Day

Multiple Food Allergy Help - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Thank you all for such an incredible event!


Gratefulfoodie said…
Sloane, you were simply amazing. I've decided that I will be the head of your new fan club. You have one right?

I'll let you know when I post. Our family came to visit the day after the summit but unfortunately, the hostess gift was the flu!

Still battling illness in our household!

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