Dining out in NYC: Blogger Itchy Little World Dines In New York City

"Sloane really helped me understand how thorough I needed to be to get across to the restaurant, servers, managers, and chefs and it really paid off.”

I love hearing about people who travel to New York and dine well with food allergies. I spoke with Jennifer of the blog Itchy Little World on the phone a few months back [she is not a food allergy counseling client] about my general tips for dining out. I love reading how she incorporated that information into her family’s needs and travels. You can read her first post here and then where they dined here.

When people ask me how I dine well in New York City and beyond (I always say I have the Disney World experience everywhere) you can see it’s not necessarily special to me but it’s the steps that I use that work. And they can work for you too!

Great job, Jennifer, advocating for your needs and finding places that accommodated you!


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