Epinephrine Autoinjectors: $0 Co-Pay Programs through 2013

With severe, life threatening IgE mediated food allergies (like the kind I have to fish and tree nuts) you have to have an epinephrine autoinjector on hand at all times. Full stop. However, they are costly. There are two programs by two different manufacturers of epinephrine autoinjecors in place to help defray costs through December 2013. Both EpiPen® and Auvi‑Q™ makers of epinephrine autoinjectors are offering $0 co-pays until the end of 2013. Here's more information. Please contact them directly with your questions.

EpiPen®: "This offer can be used an unlimited number of times until the offer expires on 12/31/2013. Patients with questions should call 1-855-859-2971"

Auvi‑Q™: "For questions regarding your eligibility or benefits, please call 1 855 226 3941."


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