Los Angeles Times: Food Allergic Diners

The Los Angeles Times recently covered dining out with severe, life-threatening food allergies and the new food allergen training available through the National Restaurant Association.  A quote from the article: "Places that are responding should be commended, but I still tell patients that they can never 100% trust the server or even the chef, because accidents happen at restaurants, just like accidents happen at home," Harvard's Savage says. "Patients always need to be prepared for accidental exposures, whether it's a place they have been to a million times or not."

Mainly, the author stresses what I’ve always said: “There is no such thing as an allergy-safe restaurant, only ones that make an effort to be aware.”

You can read the full article here.

Keep in mind my must-haves when dining out with severe, life-threatening food allergies:

  • A thorough understanding of your food allergy diagnosis
  • An ability to clearly communicate that diagnosis to those around you
  • Support from friends and family around your diagnosis.
  • Your emergency medication on hand, as well as your anaphylaxis action plan just in case.

Always consult your personal board certified medical provider about what is safe for you and your food allergic needs.

Thank you The Los Angeles Times  and reporter Emily Dwass for a well-done article about managing food allergies while dining out.


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