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I noticed recently when I held an Allergic Girl Facebook Page contest, I had to re-run it, The winners didn’t respond to my messages that they won, no matter how many times I Facebook emailed or tagged them. What exactly was going on with Facebook? 

I had heard about Facebook's new changes to fan pages like my Allergic Girl Facebook Page but it wasn't until this recent contest, I began to see the evidence of it. And then I read Erin Smith of Gluten-Free Fun’s blog post which led me to a Derek Halpern article. (Big shout out to fellow blogger and incredible celiac disease advocate Erin Smith for her blog post on this issue.)

Facebook wants me to pay for you to see my Allergic Girl Facebook Page status updates when they used to be free

Here are some things YOU can do to ensure YOU are getting my regular Allergic Girl Facebook Page updates. And if, for example, you won a contest, you’d get the notification!

1. Make sure to Like my Allergic Girl Facebook Page and check the Get Notifications tabHave a look at what I mean below. This is crucial.

2. Follow me on Twitter. I post on there a lot and very often link back to my Allergic Girl Facebook Page.

3. Sign up for my free newsletter where I post free content, contests for free great stuff and very often link back to my Allergic Girl Facebook Page.

I hope this helps those contest winners see that they won!

As always, thank you for your readership, support and Allergic Girl Facebook Page "likes"!


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