Food Allergy Counseling: Adults with Allergies blog, Anaphylaxis Canada

My esteemed colleagues at Anaphylaxis Canada have launched a blog for adults with food allergies. From their website:

Kyle Dine, who manages the blog for Anaphylaxis Canada, explained: ‘Many websites and resources are aimed at parents of allergic children. We want to, however, make sure everyone affected by food allergies has support and access to relevant information on topics that are important to them.’ The blog covers situations that allergic adults can appreciate such as food allergies and relationships, allergies in the workplace, alcohol ingredient labeling, international travel, and lifestyle articles such as food allergies and pop culture.”

You know Kyle, right? He’s an allergy educator and musician and together we sang this song about how "Allergies Don't Need To Stop You!" 

He kindly asked me to write something for their new blog and here it is live.

Please, spread the word. And spread the link!


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