Chipotle, Cumin Recall 2015

I dine at Chipotle Mexican Grill multiple times a week here in New York City and when I travel. It’s delicious, the food is made consciously and humanely and best part: their food does not contain my allergens, tree nuts and fish (more of Chipotle Mexican Grill's allergen information here).

So when the recent cumin recall hit, I was a little nervous. Would this affect the cumin-heavy menu of my beloved Chipotle Mexican Grill? (More on the cumin recall here from Allergic Living magazine.) 

I wrote to Chipotle Mexican Grill directly and at first they said this (reprinted with permission of Chipotle Mexican Grill):

“…I can tell you with complete confidence that our cumin is not in any way affected by this recall. You can definitely eat our restaurants with peace of mind!”

In a second email, I asked for clarification. Chipotle Mexican Grill responded:

“There was only one plant that this affected and this is not where we
 purchase our cumin. Our cumin is whole and we grind it ourselves in our
distribution center. We have frequent audits so we can make sure that
everything is safe for you.”

So there you have it fellow food allergic Chipotle Mexican Grill lovers. Dine on with cumin confidence. 

Any further questions, contact Chipotle directly.

PS Chipotle Mexican Grill was number one in allergy friendliness according to a recent Allergy Eats poll. I concur.


Unknown said…
Thank you so much for posting this clarification on Chipotle. I have been avioding eating at theie restaurants post the cumin recall and can happly rejoin the flock of food allergy effected diners. As a severe peanut and tree nut allergic person eating out always comes with a risk.

-Laurie of Colorado Springs

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