Recipe: Italian Herb Home Fries, #Vegan, Top 8 Allergen free

I shop at Costco bi-weekly for produce; I just go through much lettuce in one day. (#healthyaf) Every now and then, I’ll buy the 15-pound bag of Russet Idaho potatoes and dream of making all the things. Then of course, life. So, as soon as I get home from Costco, as part of my weekly meal prep, I’ll scrub and bake three HUGE potatoes right away. I have baked potatoes with steamed broccoli and mozeralla on that first day. And then all the days that week, I make duh-licious home fries. 

Breakfast potatoes

Steak and potatoes

So easy. Here’s my recipe. 

Recipe notes:
--This is not a diet dish, you need plenty of oil, dry home fries are simply sad. But not too much oil, you are not deep frying but sautéing.
--Also, this is a diet dish, kind of. It's portion controlled, half a baked potato is only 100 calories and you control the oil. So there’s that.
--I’m making this with already cooked potatoes, which cuts down cooking time considerably. I had a boyfriend who made these from scratch with raw potatoes and lots of oil, they were phenomenal but at least 30 minutes of cooking. This is 4-5 minutes.

Recipe: Italian Herb Home Fries, Vegan, Top 8 Allergen-Free
1 portion (double, triple as necessary)

6 ounces Cooked Russet potato, skin on
1-2 T Olive Oil
.5 t of Italian herb blend (1 t each of dried thyme, basil and oregano)
.5 t kosher salt

In an 8-inch skilled, on medium high heat, heat the herbs, salt in the oil. While that is heating, slice the half potatoes into cubes. More surface area equals more sides to get golden brown. But keep the potato square-y and chunky, cooked potatoes can become crumbly and then you have a hash situation (also good but not what we’re going for here). 

Add the potatoes to the hot oil, listen to them sizzle, give them a swirl to get them all coated with oil and herbs and then cover with a lid that fits tightly over the potatoes.

And then let them do their magic, that is let them sit. After 2 minutes check them, swirl to mix them up, get different side browning and then cover them again and do something else for 1 minute. The cover helps them cook through (ie steam) and the hot oil helps them get brown. 

It’s now been about 3 minutes. Swirl and flip potatoes again, getting al sides to brown. They should be fragrant and luscious looking.

Give them 1 more minute, covered. 

If all sides are golden brown and smelling fragrant, you’re done! Taste one and adjust for seasonings.

First swirl

Second swirl
The tight fitting lid


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