Recipe: Yogurt Cheese, Labneh, Nut-Free, Gluten-Free

This is less of a recipe for of a method. Ish.

While I’ve been straining plain whole milk yogurt to make yogurt for the last 6 months or so, it wasn’t until this month after reading a post on Allergy Girl Eats on Instagram wherein she made yogurt cheese that I thought, bing, I could do that, too!  I messaged with Kortney of Allergy Girl Eats who said she strains yogurt in a coffee filter over a jar and lets it strain for a day or, too. The New York Times had a similar recommendation.

I didn’t have any coffee filters on hand (and I dislike buying special items for one use only recipes) so I lined my regular fine mesh strainer with clean paper towel. 

I poured plain whole milk yogurt (use Dannon Plain Whole Milk Yogurt) into the strainer over a big bowl, covered it and placed the bowl contraption into the fridge for two to three days until desired texture.

Et voila: yogurt cheese or labneh.

As for toppings, I have added, just evoo and salt and pepper on a homemade warm corn tortilla, heavenly. 

I’ve added fresh oregano, lemon juice, evoo and salt and pepper, more heaven (see first picture).

I’ve had with homemade chimichurri, extra heaven.

But it can go sweet too, I’m sure some of my homemade blueberry quick jam, with labneh on some bread-type deal would be luscious.

Go make this, and tell me how you ate your homemade yogurt cheese.

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