Allergy Cards

Chef Becker suggested it. Many a boyfriend has asked for it: "Maybe you could make me a card with all of your allergies written on it?" I think it's time I buckled down and made one of these. They're free. And maybe it could eliminate The Talk and any ensuing confusion.

The question is, whilst being completely honest with myself and you, am I brave enough to be that much of a dork? And the answer is: I believe so. I'm a huge advocate for asserting your needs, esp. when it comes to food allergies, so yes. Yes, I will try this out and report back.


Anonymous said…
Wow, thanks for the link. These allergy cards look so much more respectable than my scrawny handwriting on the scrap of paper I gave my son's kindergarten!

I'm making him a new one. Thanks!

And hey, can I add you to my blogroll?
Allergic Girl® said…
hey ruth--glad i could help. absolutely, please feel free to add me.
Catherine said…
I use the Triumph cards for restaurants (eating gluten free) plus I have my medic alert card for diabetes. I am a true "allergy" dork but the cards are quite useful!

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