An Intimate Allergy

I caught a cold--too much birthday fun this week for sure --and thus no post yesterday.

Too stuffed up to go see Casino Royale's opening weekend, we stayed in and watched SNL. During the fake news segment there was a mention of sperm allergies on the rise [that's my pun not theirs; please excuse it]. The joke was something like, "If you're allergic to peanuts, don't sleep with this guy", they then showed a picture of Mr. Peanut, with a censored strip over his crotch. Yeah kinda lame--reminds me of the stupid Jimmy Carter/peanut jokes in the 70s. Did I just date myself?

Anyway, latex allergies I've heard of, Bo mentions her severe reactions in her blog, but sperm allergies? That's new and scary. And the joke was silly to be sure, but it's so intriguing how and when allergies make it into mainstream news, moreso mainstream late night comedy shows.


Bo said…
I know this sounds crazy but I think I once read about this. I think it has more to do with the diet of the person you're with rather than the actual sperm itself. It goes back to the theory that the taste and smell of a man's sperm is affected by what he eats. Citrus is supposed to make it taste/smell milder, garlic would have the reverse affect. It's possible that some of the allergens might make their way into the sperm. I can't believe I just wrote this!
Allergic Girl® said…
I know I can't believe i posted it--but i wonder about this one--a sperm allergy would be very bad for evolution. so why would it suddenly be popping up now [again no pun intended]
Anonymous said…

just to let you know there is a forum out there now for us allergy sufferers, its at


Anonymous said…

just to let you know that the website for the allergy forum is now



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