The good news is that the chef came out and checked on our table and apologized. The bad news is that the chef came out and checked on our table and apologized.

First, I fully admit that last night I was in a mood. Couldn’t figure out a place to eat, didn’t know what I wanted to eat once I got there.

Our little threesome settled on a neighborhood favorite Village: cozy, boothy, french-y, bistro-y, easy menu. I went through my routine and our first waitress seemed a bit overwhelmed. We changed tables and I repeated my spiel to our next waiter. He was humorless, which never helps, but seemed to get the overall point. I ended up splitting a hamburger sans fries as the waiter pointed out that they made be fried in a combo of veggie/peanut oil. Now you all know I’m not allergic to peanut oil but still I wasn’t having the fries.

The burger was split in the kitchen, as was the order of fries which means we each had half of everything on our plate [not what I ordered]. We also split a side salad without dressing, part of which came dressed [also wrong]. The prosecco I had ordered came flatter than a flat thing so that was sent back [sigh]. Overall, I just wasn’t having a good time. The burger was tasty though and the place cheery even if I couldn’t be cheered.

The waiter came to check on us and looked at my plate with fries and tsked, “I told them no fries, sorry for the miscommunication.”

Then the Chef, who had come out for a general survey of the room, walked over and said, “Sorry about the fries, there was a miscommunication in the kitchen.”

So this leaves me a bit on the fence about Village and allergies. If I had been allergic to peanut oil, I would have sent the whole dish back and probably not eaten anything. As I wasn’t, I left them on the plate uneaten and made a mental note that communication is an issue in the kitchen. Neither is a great option. I liked that both the waiter and Chef followed-up. This *might* warrant another shot if I’m in that area and need a place to have a bite and I want some meat, the lamb looked very good. But I won't be rushing back.


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