Gluten-Free Pantry Says They're Nut-Free

Now this is some great news for those of us with nut-allergies and who are gluten-free. The dry mix products of Gluten-Free Pantry [NOT GUTINO] are peanut and tree-nut free! Really!

At the last food fair I attended I met the head of marketing for Glutino, Eric whose assistant Tina put me in touch with Karine. Karine runs the plant where these products are created. Her title: "Superviseur Asssurance Qualité, Quality Supervisor, Glutino/Gluten Free Pantry." Excellent.

This woman knows her stuff. She told me that the plant is completely nut-free and that they refuse dry products that were made in plants with peanuts/tree-nuts.

To quote Karine from her email to me [English is her second language folks]: “In our GFP products they have no any kind of traces of peanuts, tree nuts or nuts. In our plant we have nothing of that even traces.”

This is great news, as I love their pancake mix. Now I feel safer to try other GFP dry mixes.

Yay! Thanks Karin, Tina and Eric!


Anonymous said…
I just came upon your site. I'm desperate! I have been very ill for the past few years. No Dr could tell me what was wrong. My asthma kept getting worse and I didn't sleep at night. Turns out I'm desperatly allergic to things out doors but have severe food allergies to, all nuts both peanuts and tree nuts, Rice, and some other things. I have a family of 5 to feed and really just do not know what to do. Can anyone help me or tell me where to go. I need to get better..please!
My email is
Allergic Girl® said…
dear audrey,

thank you for writing. i hear your frustration and concern.

i will write to your home address with some ideas to help.

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